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Bears Available for Adoption


You may have noticed that you haven’t seen any new bears from me in a while…well, back at the beginning of January, I fell and badly sprained my left hand then two weeks later I fell and broke my right wrist which needed surgery to add a plate and pins. After several months of therapy, I am finally able to get back to making my bears!

If you have any questions or would like to adopt one of us, please call Meg at 919-270-6339 or send an email to pinneybears@yahoo.com.


Rusty is made with imported brown mini bear fabric. He is 5 way jointed and stands 4.5 inches tall. Rusty is stuffed with polyfill and has German glass eyes and a needle felted nose. 

Rusty is wearing a little vest and is using his mini tools to work on a collectible stock race car.

Adoption fee – $ 130.00 plus shipping
(USA - $15.00/Worldwide - Please contact me for shipping costs)


Lucy is made with brown mohair and her paw pads are brown ultra-suede. She is 5-way jointed and is stuffed with polyfill, steel shot and glass beads. She has a needle felted nose, German glass eyes and stands 18 inches tall. She is wearing a beautiful holiday dress with a matching sweater.

Adoption fee – $220.00 plus shipping

(USA - $20.00/Worldwide - Please  contact me for shipping cost )

Dreamcatcher – The Indian bear and his horse



The Indian bear is made from brown mohair with ultra-suede paw pads. He is 5-way jointed and his arms and legs are wired so he may be posed.  He is wearing a breechcloth made of suede, a leather and feather headband and a dreamcatcher around his neck.

The horse is needle felted from white and brown wool and is fully wired so that may be posed too. His main and tail are made from horse hair and decorated with feathers.

They proudly stand 19” tall and are OOAK.

Adoption fee – $325.00 plus shipping 

(USA - $20.00/Worldwide - Please  contact me for shipping cost )


Milo is made with brown mohair.  His paw pads are made using brown suede. He is fully jointed and is stuffed with poly fill. Milo has a needle felted nose and German glass eyes and stands 14 inches tall. He is wearing a beaded collar around his neck.

Adoption fee – $ 175.00 plus shipping 

(USA - $15.00/Worldwide - Please  contact me for shipping cost )